Who Has Consulted Dr M A Waheed For Vitiligo Whats Your Opinion About His Treatment?


Who has seen Dr. Waheed?

What are your thoughts on his treatment?
Our son was diagnosed with a skin disease in the beginning of the year.
We were suggested to visit Dr. Waheed by one of the known doctors.
During the last 10 months, we could see very good results from the treatment we started in May of last year.
At most of the places, we could see his face being re-pigmented.
There were no side effects with the treatment, which consisted of taking liquid mixed with powder soaked overnight after filtering in the morning, capsule and ointment with exposure to sunlight and some food restrictions.
The doctor said to use vitamins D and B12 to speed up repigmentation.
Our son had a deficiency in vitamins D and E last year.
I recommend anyone to visit Dr. Waheed.
If we send him a message with an existing prescription, he will deliver the medicines.
He has been recognized by the government with a prestigious award.
I wish more people knew about him so he could be treated better.
What do you think about the treatment of Dr M A Waheed?

What do you think about Dr M A Waheed’s treatment?

The treatment for Daughters Vitiligo didn’t go well after I consulted almost 40 doctors.
The way he explains treatment is amazing.
Since I am from Bihar, it is now possible for me to come for my daughter’s treatment.
I pray that people will be able to get his medicine because of my 33000 Gods and Goddess.
Almighty, may you bless him for the patients of Vitiligo.
One of my family members referred me to the doctor.
His treatment was not used by the charter.
Even on the phone, he is too caring and responsive.
Dr MA Waheed received a prestigious award for his work.
The Almighty is with us.
He cured my daughter’s issue.
Thank you, Sir.
Miracles have happened after meeting him.

What do you think about Dr M A Waheed’s treatment?

I am a doctor and it is considered a special mission.
It calls for people to help each other.
The mobile number was used for the quick login.

What do you think of Dr M A Waheed’s treatment?

Doctor was friendly and made my son feel comfortable.
Doctor gives very caring advice and is happy with it.
She told us what the cause of the skin rash was.
There are two hospitals in Kengeri, one in Bangalore and the other in Kengeri.
It’s not necessary to wait because the appointment time is accurate.
Varna Naidu M has 13 years of experience in the fields of aesthetic Dermatologist and Dermatosurgeon.
We didn’t have to wait.
It is very good to have over experience.
She is a member of the Association of Cutaneous Surgeons of India.

What do you think about Dr. M A Waheed’s treatment?

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