Vitiligo Copper Bracelet – UPDATED – A Complete Guide

Vitiligo is a skin condition that cannot be reversed entirely with a treatment plan or medication. The treatment of this disorder involves combating the symptoms and achieving repigmentation. There are several home remedies and natural cures known to show visible improvements in the condition. Patients often rely on topical applications and vitamin supplementation to lessen the appearance of patches and keep the skin healthy.

Several traditional and herbal treatments have shown promising results among Vitiligo sufferers. The use of copper bracelets is one of the most recommended and discussed home remedies for Vitiligo. Let us try to understand whether a copper bracelet really benefits the skin condition and improves the symptoms.


Vitiligo Copper Bracelet – A Complete Guide

Wearing a copper bracelet has been known to provide therapeutic benefits to the body. Sources dating back to the Egyptian civilization suggest the use of copper for the treatment of different ailments. A pure copper bracelet is believed to possess properties that ease pain and inflammation in the body. Vitiligo copper bracelets are commonly used as natural cures for the condition.

Several studies suggest that metal ions play a vital role in melanin synthesis responsible for pigmentation in the skin. This illustrates copper’s effects in managing vitiligo by stimulating melanin and repigmenting the skin. Researchers have revealed that individuals with vitiligo are deficient in zinc, copper, folic acid, vitamin B12, and vitamin D. Studies also show that copper plays a significant role in pigmentation and deficiencies can alter melanin production.

Magnetic Copper Bracelet Vitiligo

Supplementing with copper can benefit vitiligo patients with deficiency and slow down the progression of the disorder. While drinking water from a copper vessel is known to be highly beneficial, wearing a copper bracelet is another effective way to increase copper levels in the body.

Do Copper Bracelets Help Vitiligo?

A pure copper bracelet is made by manipulating the metal into a band that can be wrapped around the wrist. The body has a subtle way of absorbing the healing elements of the metal from a bracelet and distributing it to different parts of the body that need it. These elements not just contain copper but also zinc and iron as the purest copper contains trace amounts of these micro-minerals.

Copper bracelets can help deal with the copper-zinc imbalance to stimulate melanin production, thereby increasing the likelihood and speed of turning the patches back into normal skin. Copper ions traveling to different parts of the skin can help the body rectify the effects of vitiligo naturally. Some people report their patches getting less visible with the use of copper bracelets while some others even noticed their patches disappearing with long-term use. Results can vary between individuals depending on the condition and causes.

Magnetic Copper Bracelets for Vitiligo

A combination of copper and magnets is believed to be an effective healing treatment in traditional medicine. Many people report significant relief from different health conditions and healing benefits from the use of magnets. Copper is an important trace mineral that improves metabolic processes in the body and benefits the skin.

Copper bracelets with magnets are popular for treating vitiligo and other disorders. Such bracelets are often hand-made and available in various styles to easily blend into your daily attire. The bracelets contain embedded earth magnets of different sizes. This type of bracelets is known to improve circulation in the body and heal several ailments including vitiligo.

Copper Bracelet Benefits For Vitiligo

A bracelet made out of pure copper can boost immunity and energy levels to a great extent. Wearing a band on the wrist is known to show notable improvement in health conditions. Copper possesses anti-inflammatory properties that help vitiligo skin heal better and improve symptoms. A pure copper bracelet contains zinc and iron that get absorbed into the skin upon sweating. Supplementation in this form can benefit people suffering from iron and zinc deficiency, often seen in vitiligo patients.

When minerals get absorbed into the skin, they get into the bloodstream directly without getting digested in the stomach like with oral supplements. When you wear copper metal on the hand, it enters the bloodstream every day in small amounts to maintain a physiological balance in the body. The metal then gets rid of the toxic effects of other metals in the body. It also has antioxidant properties that prevent free radicals and ions from raising toxicity. Anti-oxidants are the best treatment for vitiligo as the patches are caused due to oxidative stress.

Best Natural Cure for Vitiligo

Though vitiligo is not contagious or life-threatening, it often gets stressful because of the stigma associated with it. There are no proven ways to cure vitiligo completely but some natural remedies are known to help improve the appearance of patches and boost repigmentation. Here are some of the most effective natural cures for vitiligo.

Gingko Biloba

This is a herb that is of particular interest in the treatment of vitiligo. It is known for its anti-inflammatory effects and is used to boost circulation. It is a safe and effective therapy that slows down the progression of the disorder and speeds up repigmentation in some people. Its antioxidant properties impact the oxidative stress mechanism of vitiligo to improve the condition.

Turmeric and Mustard Oil

Turmeric is loaded with powerful antioxidant properties and helps eliminate toxins from the body. Including this spice regularly in your routine can help restore the pigmentation. Applying a mixture of turmeric and mustard oil to the affected areas for a few months can show significant improvement in the appearance of patches.

Aloe Vera

This beneficial plant contains antioxidant properties that help fight vitiligo symptoms. It is also said that this plant is rich in different minerals and vitamins including copper, zinc, calcium, vitamin B12, C, A, and others, and supports repigmentation of the skin. Vitiligo patients should consider applying aloe vera gel to their affected skin areas regularly to lighten the patches and get better skin.

Copper Vessel Water

One of the most effective ways to get rid of vitiligo patches is to drink water from a copper vessel. This water contains copper ions that help increase melanin production in the body and reduce the appearance of white patches caused by vitiligo.

There are several natural remedies effective at treating vitiligo without any risks. Copper bracelets are known to be highly beneficial for vitiligo patients and provide a plethora of other health benefits, lowering the risks of other ailments and keeping the skin healthy and young. Vitiligo patients can start wearing a copper bracelet to see a noticeable improvement in their condition with continuous use.


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