What are Vitiligo Causes and Symptoms?

What are Vitiligo Causes and Symptoms?

Vitiligo is a medical condition in which the patient develops white patches. These patches can develop anywhere on the body and shows in multiple places. It is a relatively common condition and affects almost 1 in hundred people.

In the following, we will look into the possible Vitiligo causes, symptoms and how you might prevent it from developing.

How You Might Detect Vitiligo

The most prominent and common symptom of Vitiligo is the white patches. But you may also detect it by the onset of gray hair on the scalp, eyelash or eyebrows. Vitiligo also causes the retina to change color. There are even some cases of severe Vitiligo that cause a loss in the color of the membrane inside the mouth.

What are the Vitiligo Causes?

Today we have so many medical and technological advances, but when it comes to what exactly causes Vitiligo? Scientists are still confused!

Currently, Patients and scientists are still gathering several theories on potential causes.

The most popular Vitiligo cause is the loss of melanin. Melanin is the primary factor or pigment that gives the skin its color. The pigment is lost due to the destruction of particular pigment-forming cells which are called melanocytes. However, the reason for the loss of pigment and damage to cells is still unsure. There are a few theories to support this fact too.

There is an autoimmune hypothesis that states that the immune system attacks the melanocytes.  Also, a neural theory is present that states that a particular chemical named norepinephrine is toxic to melanocytes and thus destroys them.

Other Vitiligo causes shows in patients. You can blame heredity for Vitiligo, but there are no reliable researchers to support this. It is also seen that patients of Vitiligo are deficient in certain minerals and vitamins. It may be due to Vitiligo caused by this deficiency or Vitiligo may be causing these deficiencies. In any case, the patient is advised to have a stable and healthy diet.

Stress and trauma also link to Vitiligo as potential causes. Often the first onset of Vitiligo is during some stressful event or trauma. This may be your body’s way of reacting to an autoimmune reaction due to the stress.

Treating Vitiligo

According to your diagnosed cause of Vitiligo, the doctor will select a line of action. A 100% cure of Vitiligo is not available, but with the right treatment, you can control a great deal. Most common treatment procedures include the application of cosmetics and makeup, UV therapy, corticosteroid creams, skin grafting and even de-pigmentation of unaffected skin.

However, there is a safer an all natural method to treat and cure Vitiligo which Michael Dawson describes in the Natural Vitiligo Treatment System and that you can learn more about by clicking here.

How to Cope with Vitiligo?

If you have detected Vitiligo on your body, then the next important thing is to find out what caused it. This way you might be able to find a better solution to the problem. Even though this is a painless condition, it has a lot of psychological impacts on the body.

Patients with Vitiligo should be more positive and optimistic. You can use the Natural Vitiligo Treatment system that will claim to restore your skin color to 100% original. It even helps your mood and self-esteem grow.


Vitiligo is a painless yet disturbing skin condition in which the patient develops white patches all over the body. Most Vitiligo causes are still under research.

You cannot prevent it, but there are ways to reduce its effects. It is essential to find your exact Vitiligo cause so you can treat it appropriately and without the risk of getting any side effects.

The Natural Vitiligo Treatment System is developed by biomedical researcher and nutritionist Michael Dawson. He suffers from Vitiligo himself but has come up with different methods you can use to treat Vitiligo. You can learn a lot more about his methods on the link below.

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Vitiligo Causes and Symptoms

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