What Is The Best Hospital For Vitiligo?

What is the best hospital for sufferers of the skin condition vitiligo? Vitiligo is a problem in which patches start appearing on different parts of the body. When the cells that make melanocytes are destroyed, there is a problem. Dr. Mohan Skin and Hair Centre is one of the best places in India to get … Read more

What Is Pre Vitiligo How Is It Diagnosed?

Pre-vitiligo is what it is. What is the diagnosis for it? The borders of the white spots are clearly defined. They are usually located on the face, nose, ears, hands, fingers, feet, and knees. The groin and anal areas are where you can see them. There may be spots on the facial area. It’s possible … Read more

What Causes White Spots Vitiligo On The Body How Can It Be Fixed It Is Said That This Happens Because The Bride Is From The Same Gotra Family What Is The Truth?

White spots on the body are caused byvitiligo. What can be done to fix it? The bride is from the same family and this happens. The truth, what is it? All ethnic groups have incidences of Vitiligo. People with higher levels of melanin in their skin are easy to see. Approximately 1 5 of those … Read more

What Causes Vitiligo?

What causes a skin condition? The exact cause of Vitiligo is not fully understood. The processes involved in the development of Vitiligo are getting better understood. Multiple causes can be responsible for the skin condition. There are theories that could be true. a. One of the reasons is the cells fighting among themselves. There are … Read more

What Can Delay Vitiligo From Progressing?

What can be done to delay the progression of the disease? If it is really a skin disease, you can take a phenylalanine supplement and a vitamins B12 and B6 plus sun exposure. Sometimes it slows the progression down by 75 percent. Some people get a rash when they use the herb khella, but it … Read more

What Are The Symptoms Of 1St Stage Vitiligo?

What are the symptoms of the first stage of the disease? White patches are developed on people’s skin. It may begin as a pale dot, which can lead to white or hypo-pigmented macules due to the loss of melanocytes. In nature, the lesions are usually well-demarcated in circles or ellipses. The margins are not always … Read more

What Are The Stages Of Vitiligo?

What are the different stages of the disease? If there is a significant increase in size spots within three months, this stage is present. New spots are formed next to the areas that have been affected. Natural development of the disease is slow progression. The growth of the affected areas could happen in a few … Read more

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