What Would Happen If I Marry A Girl With Leucoderma Vitiligo?

If I marry a girl with Leucoderma, what would happen? If you married a woman who did not have Vitiligo, there would be nothing extraordinary about it. The following things have never been questioned by anyone. If I married a person with diabetes, what would happen? If I married someone with hypertension, what would happen? … Read more

What Is Vitiligo How Can It Be Cured?

What is the name of the skin condition? Is it possible to cure it? There are patches of skin which lose their color. 3-4% of the population in India are affected by vitiligo, a common skin disease. White patches on the skin and hair can be caused by it. IVA Skin Care Clinic is something … Read more

What Is Vitiligo And How Does It Occur?

How does Vitiligo happen? A disease called vit-ih-LIE-go causes loss of skin color in patches. With time, the discolored areas get bigger. Any part of the body can be affected by this condition. Hair and the inside of the mouth can also be affected by it. The color of hair and skin can be determined … Read more

What Is The Treatment For Vitiligo On Lips?

What is the treatment for a skin condition on the lips? Similar to Vitiligo, Leukoderma is spelled on the lips. There is a sickness that causes the skin to lose its color. Individuals with a brown complexion are more likely to see white patches on their skin because of the condition. Vitiligo was also named … Read more

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