How Useful Is Melagenina Plus For Vitiligo Treatment?

There are a number of treatments that can help improve the skin condition of people suffering from vitiligo.

One such treatment is Melagenina Plus, an ointment developed in Cuba by Dr. Carlos Manuel Miyares Cao.

Dr. Carlos Miyares Cao is world renown and has a doctorate in Medicine from the University of Havana, Cuba with a specialty in Gynecology, Obstetrics, and Pharmacology.

In the 1970s while studying the metabolism of the placenta he discovered a substance that triggers the production of melanocytes.

He then went on to develop the Melagenina Plus by mixing alcoholic extraction of the human placenta with Melagenina and calcium chloride.


How Useful Is Melagenina Plus For Vitiligo Treatment?

When applied properly, results can be seen within 3 to 7 days.

What’s more, Melagenina Plus is safe and can be used on children, pregnant or nursing women, and the elderly with no side effects.

It is recommended that this ointment should not be used before consulting with a specialist in order to be given the exact amount needed and so as to be given exact instruction on how to apply it in a way that would serve each individual case.

Indeed, the success of this ointment has lead the Cuban government in 1987 to establish International and National Clinical Services in order to deal with increased demand for treatment of vitiligo both locally and internationally.

Though these initial studies analyzed small groups of patients, several larger-scale studies are underway to assess how both oral and topical JAK inhibitors may improve vitiligo.
It is said that in all, over 13,000 patients from 123 countries have been treated by Melagenina Plus in the initial 15 years of its launch in Cuba.

The efficiency of the treatment depends on the age and race of the patient, duration of the disease, parts of the body diseased as well as the regular applications.


Melagenina Plus For The Treatment Of Vitiligo

Melagenina Plus is an ointment developed in Cuba, has been shown to be effective about 86% of the time.

Melagenina Plus is a topical lotion for external application.

Additionally, Melagenina Plus helps in accelerating the melanin production process, which induces skin repigmentation.

Melagenina plus is a nontoxic biological product used as a topical lotion.

How does Melagenina Plus work?

It generally works by triggering the production or reproduction of melanocytes, particularly in the borders and the inside of the achromic areas of the skin. Additionally, Melagenina Plus helps in accelerating the melanin production process, which induces skin repigmentation. Because of these, the treatment has been very effective and is gaining popularity not just in Cuba but in other countries as well.

How to use Melagenina Plus

Melagenina Plus is a topical lotion applied to the affected areas. To use this lotion, the bottle should be shaken vigorously, and the lotion is applied with the fingertips over the affected areas. This is done once a day, at the same time each day. There is no need for ultraviolet light exposure or infrared radiation after application. Direct exposure to sunlight should also be avoided.

If this is applied correctly, then a change can be noticed within 3 to 7 days. First, there will be a slight reddening of the area, followed by a slight opacification, and eventually, a repigmentation that approximates the natural skin color will be observed.

This lotion can also be applied on affected mucous surfaces, but it should not be rubbed in so as not to cause irritation. Darker areas will be pigmented more quickly when compared to the lighter areas. Upon application, the lotion starts working on the epidermis via transcutaneous absorption, which leads to gradual skin repigmentation.

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