Mucosal Vitiligo

Vitiligo is the most common depigmenting, chronic acquired disease of the skin and mucosal. However, vitiligo of an unclassified type and mucosal subtype affecting only one area of the mucosa is considered quite uncommon. The diagnosis of vitiligo, regardless of its type, is clinical. Nonetheless, a device that allows the visualization of the tissue fluorescence … Read more

Jak Inhibitors For Vitiligo

The introduction patchy depigmentation in the skin, hair, or both is a symptom of Vitiligo. The disorder presents with amelanotic, white, and well-demarcated macules or patches surrounded by normal skin, and affects approximately 1% of adults and children globally. Patients with vitiligo can suffer from stigmatization, which can negatively impact their mental health. Administering systemic … Read more

NB-UVB Light Therapy For Vitiligo At Home

The use of NB-UVB light therapy for vitiligo at home has been proven to be safe and effective. Its low doses of ultraviolet light can be used for a short duration, and it does not cause any side effects. Some medications, such as aspirin and tetracycline, may increase the risk of photosensitivity. However, the benefits … Read more

Treatment For Vitiligo and Hair Loss

Treatment For Vitiligo and Hair Loss Treatment for vitiligo and hair loss is a challenge. Because the pigment-producing cells, known as melanocytes, are missing, it is difficult to treat the condition. In addition to affecting skin pigmentation, the cells also produce chemicals that determine the color of hair. Fortunately, there are various treatments for vitiligo … Read more

What is the Best Vitiligo Eyelashes Treatment?

The best vitiligo eyelashes treatment will depend on the type of vitiligo you have. Most patients experience the yellowing of their lashes and eyebrows. There are a variety of therapeutic methods for this disease, including the use of cortisone creams, medications, and exposure to ultraviolet B radiation. In some cases, your doctor may also advise … Read more

Mucosal Vitiligo on Lips Treatment

The first step in treating mucosal vitiligo of the lips is to determine its cause. The condition affects one in every two people worldwide. During the physical examination, it is evident that the patient has mucosal vitiligo. It typically occurs on the face and hands. The condition can be divided into focal and generalized forms. … Read more

Preventing Vitiligo on the Face With Home Remedies

If you want to reduce the appearance of your white patches, you can try some simple home remedies for vitiligo on your face. These natural ingredients are effective, cheap, and safe to use. Here are some of them. Apply coconut oil to the affected areas twice a day and wait for two to three hours … Read more

Best Ayurvedic Medicine For Vitiligo

Ayurveda is a form of alternative medicine that is now popular in the west. It uses herbs and natural remedies to treat diseases that cannot be easily diagnosed. One of the rarest forms of vitiligo is called leucoderma. About 0.5% to 1.5% of the world’s population is affected by this disease. People with dark skin … Read more

What Causes the Development of Vitiligo on My Neck?

What causes the development of vitiligo on my skin? Vitiligo is a disease of the pigment cells in our skin. It can affect people of all ages. Most cases of vitiligo are seen in adolescents or early adulthood, and they tend to appear on the neck, face, and hands. The onset of vitiligo on the … Read more

Eyebrow Dye That is Safe For Vitiligo

If you’re suffering from vitiligo, it’s not uncommon to want to dye your eyebrows. However, eyebrow dye isn’t the same as hair dye, and because the hairs are short, the white “root” shows up easily. You may need to touch up in between sessions, but there are home dye kits available. These are easy to … Read more

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