Can Gluten-Free Diet Cure Vitiligo?

I have been asked many times if a gluten-free diet can reverse Vitiligo so I searched around and found this answer: Reversing vitiligo can be done by changing your diet But there is no evidence that specifically gluten fee diet does the job. However, this is not a cure for vitiligo. You should make sure … Read more

Should I Tell My Boyfriend About My Vitiligo?

You may be wondering whether you should tell your boyfriend about your vitiligo. Though it can affect your appearance, the condition is not dangerous or contagious. In fact, it’s relatively harmless and can even be treated successfully. The pigment in your skin, called melanin, protects you from the sun and is responsible for your skin’s … Read more

Is Your Cleaning Product Causing Your Vitiligo Spreading?

If you’re wondering if your favorite cleaning product may be causing your vitiligo, read on. do cleaning products rush vitiligo spreading? It may surprise you to learn just how many toxic ingredients are in common household cleaners. Some of the culprits are 4-tertiary-butyl phenol and 4-tertiary-butyl catechol, both of which have been linked to vitiligo. … Read more

Dermaccina Vitiligo – And Other Vitiligo Creams

Sumifun Vitiligo Cream, Vitiligo Care Cream for Vitiligo, Psoriasis, Leukoplakia – Reduces White Spots and Improves Skin Pigmentation (6 units) 0. Nationwide Phase II clinical trial coordinated by Boston Tufts Medical Center found topical cream was extremely effective. effectively neutralizes the effects of vitiligo, a relatively common autoimmune disease that leads to loss of skin … Read more

Tattoos For Vitiligo – Is It Safe?

I was looking for an answer to my question “is it safe to make a tattoo if I have vitiligo?” and this is what I found out: From a medical point of view, vitiligo sufferers are advised against tattoos or the piercing of a tattoo, especially on unaffected or non-depigmented skin. As part of a … Read more

What is the Best Vitiligo Treatment Cream Over the Counter?

There are many different types of vitiligo treatment creams available over the counter. One of the most effective is called pimecrolimus. These treatments can be done at home and are highly effective for treating the condition. You can apply them two or three times a day to the affected areas, and they may take up … Read more

How Useful Is Melagenina Plus For Vitiligo Treatment?

There are a number of treatments that can help improve the skin condition of people suffering from vitiligo. One such treatment is Melagenina Plus, an ointment developed in Cuba by Dr. Carlos Manuel Miyares Cao. Dr. Carlos Miyares Cao is world renown and has a doctorate in Medicine from the University of Havana, Cuba with … Read more

Vitiligo Laser Treatment

Lasers In The Treatment Of Vitiligo For children with extensive vitiligo, a dermatologist may recommend narrowband UVB light treatments. Most have not been studied, so there is no evidence to support these treatments and no knowledge of possible side effects. May be combined with another treatment such as a corticosteroid that you apply to your … Read more

Vitiligo In Children

Vitiligo In Children

In this post, I will talk about Vitiligo in children, its causes, and available treatment. Vitiligo is a chronic disease characterized by the progressive loss of cutaneous melanocytes and changes in their normal function. The result is hypopigmented and, over time, increasingly amelanotic, depigmented skin areas. Classification and pathogenesis According to the consensus definition of … Read more

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