Vitiligo Copper Bracelet – UPDATED – A Complete Guide

Vitiligo is a skin condition that cannot be reversed entirely with a treatment plan or medication. The treatment of this disorder involves combating the symptoms and achieving repigmentation. There are several home remedies and natural cures known to show visible improvements in the condition. Patients often rely on topical applications and vitamin supplementation to lessen … Read more

7 Common Questions About Vitiligo – And Their Answers

Some health problems, including skin issues neither, have known reason nor a definite cure yet. Intellectual scientists and researchers are still in continuous efforts to resolve such illnesses to provide comforting solutions. One of the names is Vitiligo which is a common skin disorder. According to stats, around 2-3% of the world’s population is affected … Read more

3 Effective Vitiligo Home Remedies

Vitiligo is a ceaseless and long-duration problem that contains white patches and bleaching of skin only in specific areas of the body. Many of you know about Vitiligo because Hollywood’s pop king Michael Jackson was also affected by this skin disorder.  But the fact that most of you don’t know is that leukoderma or Vitiligo … Read more