How To Increase Melanin In Skin For Vitiligo

Many Vitiligo patients are looking for a way to increase melanin to make their Vitiligo symptoms better. When skin is exposed to sunlight, it produces a pigment called melanin to help protect it from ultraviolet (UV) light. However, if you have vitiligo there is not enough melanin in your skin, so it is not protected. … Read more

Would You Marry A Vitiligo Patient?

Would you marry a patient of the disease? I am a PhD student in Ayurveda health sciences with Vitiligo and other autoimmune skin conditions as a core research area and I would like to share my opinions on this very relevant topic. Vitiligo is not dangerous. A person with vitiligo is as fit to fulfill … Read more

Why Is A Person With Vitiligo Considered Medically Unfit For Defense Services?

Why is a person with a skin condition considered incapable of defense services? Approximately 15 to 25% of people with vitiligo are also affected by at least one other autoimmune disorder. The affected individual would be declared medically fit if they were. Yes. VA Disability can be awarded for conditions discovered during your military service. … Read more

Why Does Prince Jackson Have Vitiligo If His Biological Father Isnt Michael Is It Just A Coincidence?

If his biological father is not Michael, why does Prince Jackson have a skin condition? Is it a coincidence? It’s a coincidence. Anyone can have it and it can attack anyone. It isn’t hereditary if there is someone closely related who has it. Michael Jackson’s autopsy confirmed that the troubled “King of Pop” suffered from … Read more

Which Is An Effective Herbal Solution For Vitiligo Disease?

Which is the most effective herbal solution? The wrong combination of food is one of the reasons behind autoimmune diseases. The immune system is disturbed due to the formation of toxin inside the body. Prevention and treatment of the skin disease vitiligo. B-12 or folic acid can be found in vitamins B-12 and B-21. vitamin … Read more

Where Can I Get Vitiligo Treatment In Delhi?

Where can I find a doctor to treat my skin condition in Delhi? Vitiligo is not a life threatening skin problem or a contagious skin condition. Proper consultation time is needed for the patient to receive proper counseling and guidance. The white patches may spread quickly or even disappear completely. One of the best hangouts … Read more

What Would Happen If I Marry A Girl With Leucoderma Vitiligo?

If I marry a girl with Leucoderma, what would happen? If you married a woman who did not have Vitiligo, there would be nothing extraordinary about it. The following things have never been questioned by anyone. If I married a person with diabetes, what would happen? If I married someone with hypertension, what would happen? … Read more

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