3 Effective Vitiligo Home Remedies

Vitiligo is a ceaseless and long-duration problem that contains white patches and bleaching of skin only in specific areas of the body.

Many of you know about Vitiligo because Hollywood’s pop king Michael Jackson was also affected by this skin disorder.  But the fact that most of you don’t know is that leukoderma or Vitiligo is a skin disease that has affected more than 2% of the world’s population.




However, scientists and the world’s best researchers have been studying this malady for years and still haven’t found a cure yet.

Most of you spend millions on cosmetic surgeries with high risks of side effects and are unable to see satisfactory results; the best cure for the disease is to try the most natural home remedies, which are being carried out since our forefathers ‘time.

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Before we get started to tell more effective Vitiligo home remedies, it’s best to know what Vitiligo actually is!

What is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is a skin disease that is identified by spots and patches that are white in color. It is a skin-related disease, in which skin becomes de-pigmented due to constant deficiency of melanin or color pigmented cells. Melanin plays an important part, as it gives color to the skin.

Vitiligo is experienced more in women than in men and can easily affect any type of skin. Many of you consider Vitiligo to be contagious due to its harmful nature, but trust me that is so not true!

The absolute cause behind the occurring of Vitiligo is still mysterious. Although it is considered that Vitiligo is chiefly brought about by dysfunction of the liver, gastrointestinal disorders, stress, and serious jaundice.

This disease can be genetic too. The spots on the skin are of various shapes and sizes and can be observed in various parts of the body.  These patches definitely look nasty, especially on black people.

Vitiligo Home Remedies

Vitiligo is easily curable at a specific level. There are many herbal remedies available to cure these vitiligo patches. Some of them are mentioned here;

Turmeric Therapy

Turmeric extract plays a great role in eliminating Vitiligo, but it is only effective when taken along with mustard oil, which also has its own benefits. A combination of mustard oil and turmeric extract is very efficient in curing this disease.

For best results take, 500mg of turmeric extract dissolved in 8litres of lukewarm water. Filter the solution after boiling, and add 500ml of mustard oil. Apply this mixture twice a day, on the patches and observe a great difference in just a few months.

Psoralea Seeds

Among many other vitiligo home remedies, one of the best ways to treat vitiligo is Psoralea Seeds. These seeds need to be submerged in 100gm ginger juice for approx three full days, then hulled and converted into powder form. Apply the paste for an entire month and feel the change!


Red Clay Treatment

Red clay is another useful remedy to vanish Vitiligo. It must be combined with ginger juice indivisible parts and applied daily, twice a day, on the spots, until the problem vanishes.

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Get Started Yourself with Even More Home Remedies and Techniques

Vitiligo home remedies are effective and very safe to use, so the question of side effects is totally avoidable and you can get started yourself with these and many other methods to relieve and cure Vitiligo.

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